Quality Control Program

The Wesson Group utilizes a systematic management approach for planning, implementing, controlling and assessing work to ensure that the results produce an end product that satisfies the quality objectives for the project. Our performance management culture instills in each individual the importance of good quality work, and how poor performance can effect a project’s budget, schedule, and longevity. By clearing defining quality control objectives, each team member can understand the importance of their individual actions and the successful implementation of sound work practices.

A Quality Control Program (QCP) is developed for each project that includes the policies and procedures, authorities, requirements, and guidance necessary for implementation and assessment of work in compliance with governing regulations and contractual requirements.

The QCP establishes requirements for managing and implementing our Quality Control system both on-site and off-site. It provides the framework and criteria for establishing project specific QC plans and also applies to work by subcontractors, fabricators and suppliers. Effective implementation of detailed QC requirements, procedures, instructions, and reports developed from this program will assure that the completed work is in compliance with the provisions of the applicable regulations, contract, and scope of work.

In general, the QCP establishes the requirements for:

  • QC organization, responsibilities, and authority
  • Personnel qualifications and training
  • Procedures, guidelines, checklists, and forms for conducting and controlling work
  • Definable features of work
  • Records and documentation
  • Inspection and tests
  • Identifying deficiencies and corrective actions
  • Continuous improvement