President's Safety Message

To our People, Clients, and Partners:

Safety in our work is not simply a goal at The Wesson Group, LLC, but something of utmost value to be appreciated by every employee, in every level of our organization. Good people are the core of our business and those people should not get hurt at work. We expect everyone to display adherence to this key value and safety culture, and participate in the process. Further to that value, is our corporate need to comply, with multiple entities, which require us to develop policy language, to demonstrate and guide our People, our Clients, and our Partners of our intent to avoid undesirable events in our operations and in the communities we serve.

Simply, this guidance is the foundation for our policies regarding safety. Our operational leaders are equipped with the training, knowledge, experience and authority to manage our work safely. If any situation appears questionable, no matter what your relationship to the operation, we hope to have the benefit of that observation and take pause for constructive dialogue, rather than have assumptions made and failures result. We will do our best to pre-plan for successful execution; we anticipate and appreciate your input. Safety should never be sacrificed for production. Safety is an integral part of quality control, cost reduction and job efficiency. An incident of any kind is cause for concern, but is also recognized in our culture as a deficiency. Supervisors are held accountable for the safety performance of our people and the operations under their oversight, but is a responsibility we all share in our values every day, in every operation. Thank you for joining us in this process.

Tim Delaney, President
The Wesson Group, LLC