SQE Culture

Enhanced safety awareness, superior focus on quality, and environmental stewardship are cornerstone values of the Wesson Group and we diligently strive to instill these values in our people in order to provide incident free performance for our clients. The Wesson Group strongly believes in a culture based management style to develop these values within our people and implement these ideals into our work. Culture is the learned behaviors of our people that drives our organization’s actions and results. There is no place for hierarchy with these elements, as personal decisions need to be made by all team members, at all levels of our organization. The goal of our organization is to clearly articulate our strategic intent and core values, and instill disciplined action and accountability with our people.

This proactive management approach prevents unproductive behavior, and supports and rewards constructive ones. In The Wesson Group, our people our truly engaged in the business of our organization.

* President's Safety Message

* Quality Control Program

* Environmental Awareness