Fish Creek Raw Water Tunnel Rehab

Owner:  City of Rome, New York

Engineer: GHD

Contract Value: $11.2M

Contract Duration: June 2015 to January 2016


Scope of Work:

  • Installation and operation of a 17 MGD bypass pumping system for the sole source of drinking water for the City of Rome.  System included 5800 LF of 18-inch HDPE main, fuel storage system, 400,000 gallon temporary impoundment, four 250 HP diesel pumps and fully automates control system with remote monitoring capabilities.
  • Engineering analysis of the existing rock, dewatering, and initial cleaning of the 5400 LF tunnel.
  • Installation of safety systems and complete lighting and ventilation for worker safety.
  • Mix design, including NSF Approval, and installation of 3000 CY of fiber reinforced shotcrete tunnel lining.
  • Final Cleaning and commissioning of tunnel for raw water transmission to the water treatment plant.
  • TWG proposed numerous value engineering items including shotcrete that was twice the specified design strength and provided a floor that addressed an unforeseen condition. 
  • Final project costs were $1.8M under the original contract price.
  • Winner of 2016 NYSAPWA Statewide Environmental Project of the Year

Existing Tunnel

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