Braddock Bay Barrier Beach and Wetland Restoration

Owner:  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Contract Value: $8.0M

Work Dates: January 2016 to November 2017


Scope of Work:

  • Excavation of Wetland Channels and Ponds in existing marsh.  TWG utilized GPS for bothe excavation and record surveys for the completed work.
  • Installation of 2200 LF of Barrier Break Wall which included 10,000 tons of bedding stone, 43,000 ton of 3-ton armor stone, and sand dredging for plantings.
  • Installation of a new emergent wetland which included 4300 ton of rip rap and 20,000 CY of dredged sand.  Rip  Rap was placed using a landing craft.
  • Significant wetland plantings and seeding for both the wetland restoration and barrier beach work.


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